Fantasy Book Series | The Chronicles of Lashai

“Writing epic fantasy isn’t easy, though Julien Jamar makes it seem that way. The Fontre is as fresh of a take on the tradition as it is exciting. It’s gripping, it’s rich, and it’s well-realized. This is fantasy as it should be, and I love it.”
Michael Moreci (Black Star Renegades, Star Wars Adventures)

Chronicles of Lashai

Book 1: The Namarielle

The ancient land of Lashia is on the brink of complete destruction under the rule of the ruthless Fontre. Overwhelmed by their brutality, Elian and Cassai must choose to and lose everything or muster a resistance against all odds. They embark on a dangerous journey seeking out anyone willing to join the battle for survival. Along the way, Cassai finds out there is much more to her life than she ever realized.

Book 2: The Fontre

Desperate to save Cassai from his deranged brother, Elian is forced to find help in the most unlikely place.

The Fairy Realm.

He strikes an ominous bargain with the Queen of the Fey. In exchange for the Queen’s assistance, Elian agrees to return to the Fairy Realm and place himself at her mercy.

Book 3: The Kingdom

The Inner Kingdom is rotting from the inside out. Food and resources are running low and the High King, Ffastian, grows more brutal by the day.  He continues to hunt the last Namarielle with the aid of his General Majure, Lord Devilan.
Will the Keepers get to the Inner Kingdom before it’s too late for Lashai to be saved?
Will Cassai find the strength to fight for her Kingdom?
Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the Namarielle trilogy.

See what fans are raving about in this heart-racing epic YA Fantasy Triology. In 2020 the next installment of the Chronicles of Lashai – The Kingdom.

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