Ghostbusters Afterlife Review!

Date night! Here is what we loved and didn’t love about the afterlife of Ghostbusters:
Kids! Why don’t all the Ghostbusters movies have kids in them? They are everything we didn’t know we wanted in the franchise, and now cannot live without. These kids especially.
Not only do we get to hang with Mike from Stranger Things for a while. We also get Celeste O’Conner, who is ridiculously adorable, AND the tiny McKenna Grace, who is a fabulous socially awkward scientific kid. Oh, and Podcast! He’s brilliant! I know kids like him!
Paul Rudd, and guess what?! He looks like he’s actually aged three weeks since last we met him on Avengers Endgame. I didn’t know he could do that. It makes me happy.
Tiny staypuft marshmallow ghosts. They are cute, creepy, regularly obliterated by each other…why do I love them do much? Who knows?
Nostalgia. Okay, here’s the honest truth, I did not experience the usual 80s nostalgia when watching this because I scared SUPER EASILY as a child and wasn’t allowed to watch the originals until my adulthood. Second confession: I didn’t love them. Sorry. You have to grow up with these ones. This is just the way of things with 80s nostalgia movies. Except for Princess Bride, which you either love, or you’re a terrorist.
Same things I hated about the originals. The creepy ghost “possessing” humans. Red eyes. Not a fan. I watched Care Bears movie as a kid and the villain had red eyes. Nightmares for years.
A little slow in parts. I kinda wanted to get my cell phone out and play Merge Dragons at one point, so that’s not optimal. I didn’t. I’m not a monster.
More fun than not and I’ll definitely watch it again. Fairly clean. The mom uses the s-word a few times. Other than that, cleaner than previous iterations. Enjoy!