Spider-Man No Way Home Review!

This concludes our Spiderthon 2021. What a way to go. Oh goodness. Let’s see if there’s anything I can say and not spoil things.

My friend, Bubba, described this as a love letter to Spiderman fans, and I don’t think anything could be more true.

It will hit you in all the feels. It will make you laugh, cry, laugh while you’re crying…it was everything I wanted it to be and a multiverse thrown in for good measure.

I now love all three Spider-Man’s more than I ever thought I could (which is saying something. I already loved them quite a lot.)

Tom Holland’s ability to break my heart has already been well realized, but it’s extra broken after this.

He walks away with the true super hero mantle on his shoulders after this one. Really. Up til now, he’s been a fantastically great kid with super powers. Now, he’s a superhero.

Whatever you think it will be, it’s more. Enjoy friends!