You know what was good about 2020? Like, almost nothing, but apparently, this fantastic piece was released during that year and Jason and I found it tonight. So, here’s to you, 2020. We don’t miss you, but we’re glad this movie exists.
Okay, if you’ve seen this movie already, HOW did you not tell me about it? I thought we were friends. If you haven’t seen it, go on Amazon right now and pay $2.99 for a night of awkward wonderful. Get popcorn for the occasion. I microwave mine, but you do you. Actually, it’s kinda late. Maybe do this tomorrow.
Here’s the deets on “Eat Wheaties!”. (No idea if that punctuation is correct when there is actual punctuation IN the title. Also, I don’t really care.)
This super wonderful guy gets sideways with a celebrity Facebook page and almost obliterates his life over it. But it’s not what you think…he knew the celeb in college. He’s just trying to reconnect. It’s adorable. It’s awkward. It’s super funny.
The ending isn’t predictable, which is always my favorite, especially when the surprise is pleasant. It is. Happy ending, people. Just remember that when you’re crying into your popcorn.
The cast is fantastic and the story is tear jerky in the best and worst ways. This movie is surprisingly clean. I would watch it with my kids. There may be a stray swear word here or there, but super mild.
Popcorn. Amazon. Movie night. You won’t be sorry.