Colossal Movie Review!

So…I’m just lying here at 12:30am (no I HAVE NOT adjusted to time change) and wondering, what on earth just happened to me?!
All I’m seeing on this movie are glowing reviews.
All we saw before this movie were funny trailers…so I just gotta say it. Nope.
This premise is brilliant. I’ll give it that. Ann Hathaway is great.
To address the comedy issue: no. This is not a funny movie. It’s sad, anxiety inducing and very triggering.
To address the “brilliant plot twist” issue. Also no. Changing a seemingly very nice guy (because we’re led to believe he’s a very nice guy) into the absolute scum of the earth overnight is NOT a brilliant plot twist. Think of all your horrible guy swear words…he’s ALL OF THEM. And like, in less than a minute that switch flips. They try to fill this plothole later by having a flashback to when he was horrible as a kid too. This does not land. It was not brilliant.
To address the quirky plot line: YES! The plot is perfectly quirky and could have been so much fun! It was not. Why do that to a perfectly fun premise?
Okay, in conclusion, they were trying to make a point here, they just missed the mark. The point was, abusive guys don’t change. Don’t believe them when they say they’re sorry. Find a way out. I agree with all of this, but if you’re going to make a point by turning a fun movie super dark, give girls an actual out, because they can’t just fly to Korea and turn into a 100 foot monster. That’s not real, but bad relationships are.
So make the movie fun, or good, or teach solutions, or something, but dude, pick a lane.
Two thumbs way down.