Knives Out Review!

After 13 years of marriage, we both score ridiculously high in the same love language. Quality time was off the charts. Marriage counselors and so forth say that watching movies and tv isn’t quality time, but we’re not sure what they mean by that. We LOVE watching good movies together.

Which brings me to the Oscar-nominated film of the evening…”Knives Out.”

Here’s the thing about this movie, I didn’t call it a few minutes in. Even more impressive, Jason didn’t call it. I looked at him and said, “I can’t figure this out” and he said those two magic words that he NEVER says during movies…”Me neither.”

He he he….

It’s not a comedy. The trailers make you think so a little.

Daniel Craig pulls off a Deep South drawl. What? Weird, but it works.

Cap playing a slovenly bachelor ick fest was a real bummer, but I mean, he wasn’t hard to watch because he’s Chris Evans, so…

Super fun chemistry between the protagonist (a personal nurse) and Christopher Plummer’s character…and Daniel Craig’s character…and Chris Evan’s character. She is just precious and works well with anyone she’s on-screen with.

A fresh, fun, fantastic new Who Dunnit? to make up for all the recent failures in that category, (I’m looking at you “Just Go With It”). 

Grab some popcorn, cheese, and pickles put the kids in bed and get ready to enjoy yourself and not anticipate and laugh at Daniel Craig’s accent.

Warning: do send the kids to bed. It’s kinda scary and intense and has a few words sprinkled in which will make you want to say “Language Cap!”

Knives Out

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