Hell or High Water Review!

Hell or High Water (not a curse word because I’m using it in context…also it’s the name of the movie.)
I missed this little gem in 2016. I didn’t know there was still a Chris Pine movie in existence I hadn’t seen, and that includes “Just My Luck” with Lindsay Lohan pre substance abuse nutcase days.
I have just a few things to say about this movie. If you love westerns, yes. If you think it’s cool they made a modern-day western about two brothers robbing banks, yes.
Chris Pine and other people were in it. A guy you may have heard of, Jeff Bridges. He’s kind of a thing now. Not as big as Chris Pine, but he’ll get there.
This movie, in addition to being a super charged western, is double fun to watch if you’re from Texas. It’s so Texas the brothers basically get in a fist fight over the fact that one didn’t get the other a Dr Pepper, but subbed in Mr Pibb. All Texans know this is crime against humanity. It’s a crime Mr Pibb even exists…but I digress.
Fun, tense, just the right amount of sad. Chris Pine. Enjoy your lives, y’all.