Release date: August 18, 2017 (USA)
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Screenplay: Rebecca Blunt

Logan Lucky Review!

Jason was home for the weekend, so we participated in one of our favorite past times last night…we watched a movie.

I have heard people say that watching tv together isn’t quality time and does nothing to improve your relationship. To those people I would just like to say, “rubbish.”

Jason’s and my own primary love language is quality time and we have had more fun and made more memories watching movies together over the years than many couples have on an expensive night out on the town.

This movie night is brought to you by a SUPER fun flick that slipped past our radar in 2017. “Logan Lucky” was made by the same folks as “Ocean 11” and has that same feel except it’s called in the movie “Ocean 7/11” because it takes place in West Virginia and the entire heist is pulled off by a bunch of hilarious (but intelligent) rednecks.

The sense of humor was as fantastic as the timing, which in my opinion, makes up for the other sins of the movie. There were definitely a couple of slow parts toward the end, and possibly plotholes that I didn’t spot because I was too busy snickering.

Very witty and well written (my litmus test passed). So much fun that Jason and I quoted parts of it afterwards and still laughed out loud at them. The kind of movie you have to watch late at night when you’re really tired and haven’t seen each other in a week.