Spider-Man Homecoming Review!

Now we come to Tom Holland!!
Jason and I had the following conversation during the Andrew Garfield era:
Him “Dang, I love Tom Holland, but Andrew Garfield is so good! I think he’s my favorite.”
Me “No. they’re both my favorite.”
Him “They can’t both be your favorite.”
Me “You know how when you have one kid and everyone is like, ‘how will you ever love your second child like you love this one?’ But you do. Same love, just different. Cuz it’s a different kid, but it’s still your kid. So I love both Spider-Mans just as much…just different.”
Him “How does Tobey McGuire fit into this analogy?”
Me “Let’s not talk about Tobey.”
Here is what this version brings to the table, if you are one of the three people on earth who haven’t seen it.
No Ben death scene. Thank you, Jon Favreau, if that was your call. Thank you Disney, Sony, like whoever the man or woman behind the curtain is. I love you for skipping that horrible tragedy and moving into a new story.
Tom Holland!! The only Spiderman to be an actual teenager when they shot a Spiderman film. Plus he’s so cute and sweet you just want to hug him and buy him a churro.
There’s a new villian and whatever played by Michael Keaton, but to be honest, he’s much scarier as himself. Dude points a gun at Peter, threatens him with his life and the LIVES OF EVERYONE HE LOVES if he interferes with Keaton’s business, then smiles at Peter and says “Hey kid, I just saved your life, what do you say?” Totally makes Peter thank him for the kind gesture. {{{shudder}}}
Girl crush in this one is very cute and Liz is a genuinely sweet girl. Peter would probably have a much happier life if he’d listen to her, but he’s desperate to prove himself and he wants to make the world safer…probably in that order.
One of the best parts of the new series is Ned, the man in the chair. Dweeby high school kid, Peter’s best friend and discovers his secret early on. He then stands in as “the man in the chair” who gets Peter through all the crazy things that Peter is going through.
Lastly, but certainly not least is Tony Stark! No Oscorp needed for Peter’s propelling into the world of Spiderman. Tony Stark has the brains, the technology and the money to save us from another Harry Osborne iteration. This is so good. I just couldn’t deal with another.
This one is a far lighter storyline. Tom is a much cuter and teenagery Spiderman. Marisa Tomei makes a super likeable Aunt May. Enjoy. You can have another favorite kid. It’s fine.