Spider-Man 2 Review!

Okay, we’ve watched a lot of these this weekend. I’m sick, and as Loralai Gilmore would say, “The only good thing about being sick is watching a lot of tv.”
Spoiler Alert…just overarching across all iterations. I’m assuming we’ve watched these.
Spiderman 2 we rented it from Amazon…this has been an expensive weekend.
I take back what I said about Spiderman 1 being my second least favorite…this one actually is. I just can’t get into the whole situation. These first three are super campy, which is fine. I don’t mind a little campiness with some excellent acting and storytelling, but I don’t know. This one doesn’t do it for me.
There is lots of drama and tragedy, of course. It’s Spiderman. The franchise cannot survive without copious amounts of drama and tragedy.
MJ screams again…a lot. Like so much screaming. Nobody screams this much, honey. It’s ridiculous. Spiderman is coming, okay?! He’s got you even if you’re helpless and pathetic. He’s got a hero complex. He LOVES helpless and pathetic. Calm the heck down.
Then there is Harry who seems to be learning how to act. He doesn’t kill his best friend in spite of his vowing to his dead father that he will. So that’s nice, but it would have at least been a surprise ending.
But also, weirdly, one of my favorite scenes in the Spiderman franchise is in this one. That part where he stops the train and all the passengers pull him in and promise not to tell anyone who he is. Up til now, New Yorkers had been told he was a villain. Now, they witness for themselves he’s a hero. There’s something very powerful in learning the truth through your own experience and not just from what you hear in the news. Beautiful.
Dr Ok is my least favorite villain. He is icky in every way. Please wear a shirt. You need one, friend. Gross.